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Certificate of Analysis

Every OXZGEN product is manufactured with the very finest CBD, grown exclusively in the U.S. To validate the potency and purity of our CBD, we transparently publish the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product Lot #.

To review the COA for the CBD included in your specific product, simply click on the Lot # below that corresponds to the Lot # on your product. You can find the Lot # on the product label, or in some instances on the bottom of the bottle or tincture. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us at 844-5-OXZGEN.

OXZGEN 500mg CBD Tincture - AB004, JA002, 8292152BB003, DB031FB001LB010OX5000413OX5000812Ox5000413
OXZGEN 1000mg CBD Tincture - 8248155, 8277151, BB004, DB032, FB002, GB001, JA004KA025, EB013GB009KB004LB011OX1K0303OX1K0413OX1K0812Ox1K0605
OXZGEN 1500mg CBD Tincture - AB012FB012JA005LB012AK1500225OX15K0413OX15K0605
OXZGEN Performance Blast Caps - 10186904102789061045791210338908
OXZGEN Daily Nutrition Energy Boost Spray - KA018
OXZGEN Daily Nutrition Sleep Support Spray 30 ml- KA014
OXZGEN Daily Nutrition Weight Loss Spray 30 ml - 8250152LA002
OXZGEN Daily Nutrition Pain Relief Spray - 8253151LA001
OXZGEN Intense Relief Rub 2 oz and Sachets - F1119G1819J0519K1319C0820G0620
OXZGEN Rescue Moisturizing Cream 1 oz and Sachets - F1319D3719
OXZGEN Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream 1 oz and Sachets- G1919
OXZGEN PDQ Topical Pain Relief Spray 1oz and 8 ml - J8009-3E9009-BG9027I9024D0045
OXZGEN CBD Mints - 201903-0813
OXZGEN CBD Gummies (all flavors) - 201903-081215G020
OXZGEN CBD Coffee & Teas (all flavors) - 003413000913219131701323305251131641316305
OXZGEN Charcoal Face Scrub & Mask - H8013-2
OXZGEN Body Butter - G9031-1
OXZGEN 3XTREME 1 oz  - A9009-4
OXZGEN 3XTREME Sachet - A0045D0044
OXZGEN CBD Pet Treats916180A 
OXZGEN 25 mg CBD Capsules 30 ct & 5 ct pouch - 103379081057400410540003
OXZGEN Rapid Anti-Aging Serum 1 oz and Easy Snaps - D2919
OXZGEN Holistic R&R Aromatherapy Massage Oil 1/2 oz - F9013-1
OXZGEN Holistic R&R Aromatherapy Massage Oil 4 oz - F9013-1F9064
OXZGEN Holistic R&R Aromatherapy Massage Oil 16 oz - F9013-1F9064
OXZGEN 600 mg CBD NANO Tincture Spray - B0035G0025
OXZGEN 20 mg CBD NANO Tincture Snap - B0035G0025
OXZGEN Sleep Support Spray 8ml  - A0031K9042
OXZGEN CBD Sleep Support Gummies - MG013
OXZGEN Weight Wise Spray 1 oz & 8 ml - L9053D0037K9043F0035
CAPTAVIDA Glucose Support 30 ct & 90 ct - 1305613057L14430
OXZGEN Weight Wise+ Glucose Support 30 ct & 90 ct - 1305813059
OXZGEN OxZ-Trim Weight Loss Support 30 ct & 90 ct - L14431
OXZGEN Immune Boost 30 ct - 1069600610735007
OXZGEN BLAST Performance Canister & Sachets - 106920061071300710690006
OXZGEN Pain Freeze Roll-On - ROPF07ROPF11
OXZGEN 2-in-1 Pet Shampoo - CPS10
OXZGEN Pet Tincture Chicken Flavor - KCD4
OXZGEN Pet Tincture Salmon Flavor - FKSD2
OXZGEN Dog Chews Peanut Butter Flavor 30 ct - PC001
OXZGEN Holistic 30 mg Soft Gels - PB2003F135